AI in CentraleSupélec


AI and Data science are an integral part of the curriculum. Compulsory for all students for at least one semester. Courses based on a solid knowledge of mathematics and computer science. Common bases:

  • Statistics - Probaliblities - Signal processing - Data processing - Machine learning.

  • Information systems and programming, algorithms and complexity.


  •          Artificial intelligence

  •          Data and Information Science


  •          Big data and health: from data acquisition to decision

  •          Financial data and statistics

  •          InfoNum: Data @ WEB: Web Data Intelligence. "Creating Values Around Web Data."

  •          Optimization of network infrastructure for smart cities


MSc in Artificial Intelligence applied to society

Our program is unique in terms of curriculum since it encircles the field both with model/symbolic-driven and data-driven artificial intelligence methods as well as their applications to critical domains like natural language processing, visual computing, internet and retail.

This unique end-to-end from theory to practice program entirely offered in English with outstanding quality of classes and instructors offers you a unique opportunity of excellence in terms of curriculum towards becoming an artificial intelligence architect and amazing career perspectives in the hottest discipline of this century.

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MSc in Data Sciences & Business Analytics (DSBA) with ESSEC Business School

Fully hybrid between Data Sciences, Business Analytics & Digital Strategy. Students must master theory, methodology, uses and applications. 50% of students have a background in Engineering, Mathematics or Computer Science and 50% have studied Economics or Management before. Also, 50% have some professional experience. Students can take up to 18 advanced elective courses without limitations.

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CentraleSupélec’s summer school on AI offers a unique opportunity to gain cutting-edge knowledge in the rapidly-advancing area of Science and Engineering that is Artificial Intelligence. 

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The AI Association


  •  Their Courses

They provide a full course for beginners to learn the basis of AI to the whole Campus. They follow up with tutorials on different subjects

  •  Their Projects

All members work on a project during their first year. The objective is to implement it, either in the room of the Hub IA, or on their website

  •  Their Actions

Bouge la Science

They went in unprivileged schools to initiate the student to science by demonstrating playful projects.

The photo shows the 2021 edition. The students are playing tic tac toe against an artificial intelligence made of pearls and matchboxes.

Bouge la science by

Partnership with ASSAS legal innovation

Presentation and popularization of the main aspect of AI in a Law school.

This partnership is a way to share scientific and ethical reasoning in AI.