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Presenting our new Bachelor in AI, Data and Management Sciences

Turn your dreams into reality

ESSEC Business School and CentraleSupelec have joined forces to create an international Bachelor program in Artificial Intelligence, Data and Management Sciences. Information technologies, particularly massive data processing and artificial intelligence, are a source of both opportunities and challenges for organizations and societies. The young generation must understand the dynamics of the current transitions, strongly affected by society's social, environmental and digital transformations, and be adequately equipped to handle them.

The Bachelor in Artificial Intelligence, Data and Management Sciences program is hybrid and innovative. It combines the academic resources and educational expertise of two major schools, one of business, the other one of engineering, to allow students to build in-depth knowledge of models and scientific methods of data analysis, develop strong skills in mathematical modeling and computer science, and acquire a solid generalist base in the disciplines of management and administration.

At the program's end, graduates can start their own businesses or enter the job market in technical or managerial positions. They will also be able to deepen and specialize their knowledge by joining a prestigious Master's degree… and turn their dreams into reality!

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