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Regulation of AI: Is it too late? A debate featuring Professor Fabrice Popineau

Professor Fabrice Popineau from the Interdisciplinary Laboratory of Digital Sciences (LISN) was a guest on France 24 to discuss the question: "Regulation of AI: Is it too late?"

Fabrice Popineau is a professor at CentraleSupélec, where he teaches algorithms, logical modeling, theoretical computer science, and artificial intelligence. He is a researcher at the LISN laboratory (Paris-Saclay University) and holds the Lusis research chair dedicated to the applications of artificial intelligence in fraud detection and automated trading. He is an expert at ISO in the subcommittee dedicated to AI standardization.

France 24 is a Frenchstate-owned international news television network based in Paris. Its channels, broadcast in French, English, Arabic, and Spanish, are aimed at the overseas market.

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