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AI in CentraleSupélec


AI and Data science are an integral part of the curriculum. Compulsory for all students for at least one semester. Courses based on a solid knowledge of mathematics and computer science. Common bases:

  • Statistics - Probaliblities - Signal processing - Data processing - Machine learning.

  • Information systems and programming, algorithms and complexity.


  • Artificial intelligence

  • Data and Information Science


  • Big data and health: from data acquisition to decision

  • Financial data and statistics

  • InfoNum: Data @ WEB: Web Data Intelligence. "Creating Values Around Web Data."

  • Optimization of network infrastructure for smart cities


MSc in Artificial Intelligence 

Our program is unique in terms of curriculum since it encircles the field both with model/symbolic-driven and data-driven artificial intelligence methods as well as their applications to critical domains like natural language processing, visual computing, internet and retail.

This unique end-to-end from theory to practice program entirely offered in English with outstanding quality of classes and instructors offers you a unique opportunity of excellence in curriculum towards becoming an artificial intelligence architect and amazing career perspectives in the hottest discipline of this century.

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MSc in Data Sciences & Business Analytics (DSBA) with ESSEC Business School

Fully hybrid between Data Sciences, Business Analytics & Digital Strategy. Students must master theory, methodology, uses and applications. 50% of students have a background in Engineering, Mathematics or Computer Science and 50% have studied Economics or Management before. Also, 50% have some professional experience. Students can take up to 18 advanced elective courses without limitations.

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CentraleSupélec’s summer school on AI offers a unique opportunity to gain cutting-edge knowledge in the rapidly-advancing area of Science and Engineering that is Artificial Intelligence. 

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